Is Online Trading Safe?


Technology has transformed our lives to great extents and the field of trading is no exception. The ease of internet allows the investor to buy stocks and securities and enter into trades, all sitting in the comfort of his/her home. In the earlier stages of its technological transition, the internet allowed the investor to progress to buying stocks online, instead of having to go down to the broker’s office. However now, all the person has to do is to apply some settings to form a predetermined plan and let the computer do his work for him. With the introduction of automated trading, life has become a lot easier for all kinds of investors. The more experienced investors use it to further facilitate their trading while the less experienced traders can use it to enhance it. But that is not all there is to it. With the latest in automated trading, investors need not constantly check their transactions or keep track of the market. Just sign up to an online site and you’re good to go.


But how safe is it to trade online, really? Advances in technology provide greater comforts, it’s true. But they also mean an advancement in the bad technology-viruses, hacking, scamming, etc. for example, binary trading, although simple is susceptible to a lot of scams. The investor puts in money but ends up losing any control over it. Not just binary trading; any form of online trading is vulnerable. And this leads to a lot of people being wary of entering into any trades on the net. Because let’s face it, there are people out there whose job it is to scam you out of your money and they’re good at it. And any inexperienced investor is a soft target.

Thus online trading has both advantages and disadvantages to it. It allows you greater control and flexibility over the kind of transaction you choose. You can have your specific stock portfolios. Online trading also turns out to be cheaper than engaging the services of a professional broker. And it saves you immense amounts of time also. Online services are available that provide access to expert advice i.e. alerts in the form of binary options signals. The investor can subscribe to this service provided by companies and/or experienced traders, all in one place, at one’s fingertips. However, despite all the wonderful help it provides, it has some drawbacks too.

Since there is no ‘person’ in the form of a broker who is dealing with the investor, there is no one-on-one relationship the person can count upon for advice in times of crisis. The automated trading only follows what you have programmed it to do. It cannot constantly advice you like a broker can. People who are new to the software can end up making mistakes or forget that they are actually dealing in real money which can lead to significant losses. However, with time comes experience and once you get the hang of it, online trading is a very beneficial service. To avoid falling for scams, one must do research before signing up to any website. Also, one can seek the advice of professionals as to which website is reliable in terms of security and returns both.

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Signals From 24Option

If you even think about becoming trader of binary options then you first step should have been seeking information about different binary options brokers. Let’s assume you have already done that, and that you have probably read about 24Option ( if you searched for good brokers then you couldn’t miss this broker ). If you done all this you may think that you are ready for binary options trading, which you are not.

You next step after you primary research should be research on signals that are provided by those brokers. And because you might seek information about signals, and because 24Option will probably be your first pick I decided to write an article about 24Option signals.


Software that finds signals you receive from 24Option is made by Faunus Analytics. This software is made in order to operate without human involvement, and the process for finding and sending signals is fully automated. But sometimes one of the experts from 24Option may decide  to change one or more signals if there is a chance higher success. This is done because software can’t always find the best solutions for movement of some assets, and doesn’t choose best paying trade, there human involvement is required and wanted.

Right now only 60 of the assets available on 24Options have signals, but this number is slowly increasing. You can decide to receive those signals over sms, mail or widget. There will be around 10 signals which are connected with assets that are the most liquid at the given time.

There are three parts of the information provided by every signal. It will inform you about the direction of price change, the asset that should change and expiry rate that software think is the best for that trade. Then it is up to you to set the trade if you want. Only three different expiry rates are taken into the consideration by the signal generator, one hour and 15 and 30 minutes.

But you should be careful around these signals, because if you are late your trade may fail due to change on the market. If you want to use the signal and place one hour expiry rate on a trade, being late for more than 5 minutes could result in loss. 3 minutes is allowed delay for 30 minute trades and a minute and half for trades with 15 minute expiry range.

All signals you receive will have their color different to denote the strength of every signal. IF you get green signal that means that the probability of trade not succeeding is very low. Yellow signals have greater chance of success and red signals are considered very risky and should be avoided. If you have some addition information about an asset you received  yellow or red signal for then you should take the risk if you believe your source.

24Option signals are very reliable if you are to believe hundreds of lines of feedback from traders who use them. There are free signals you can get, but they should not be source of your feedback because they are created with less information.

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Should You Use StockPair Trading Signals?

   A lot of people who have ever had any contact with trading in pair or binary options are certainly familiar with the name “StockPair” – a true symbol of trading with those two methods and a broker house that is popular all over the world. One of the leaders in the market, this enterprise now has over 5 years of experience in this market area, and the services that they provide are getting the highest marks on any test or ratings list.

stockpair-logoWhy is this so? It is mostly because trading with “StockPair” and using “StockPair” signals is a guarantee of an exciting and enjoyable trading experience, and, what is even more important, traders who are doing business through the platform of this broker house say that they feel safe and protected, since all of the top security protocols are conducted to make this the safest environment on the market. Investments, bank accounts and other personal information are heavily protected and clients can invest without any fears or concerns about the safety of their finances.

Another important factor in the success of “StockPair” is the method called Pair options, which was introduced by this company in 2010, and was somewhat of a revolutionary thing in that time. A mix between Forex trading and classic binary options, this highly exciting method is also very popular, but since StockPair signals are not sent for this type of trading, let’s get back to binary options.


Signals that are sent by SMS, email or directly into the client’s account on the website are basically tips on potential investment opportunities and they point the traders in the appropriate direction, and it is up to the customer to decide whether he likes the signals or whether he has enough trust in their judgment. If he or she decides that the signals are good he can choose one or more of them and place the appropriate bids. With a very high success rate and experienced analysts who carefully select them, “StockPair” trading signals are certainly going to improve trading experience for any user and to a lot of them subscribing to this service will bring a significant increase in profits.

With the highest safety standards and the success rate of signals that is around 75-80%, “StockPair” presents a perfect example of a good broker house, similar to Boss Capital, and it is one that any trader should take under consideration. They also have great customer support team, and any questions are usually answered immediately, which also makes this broker house a good choice for those traders who are entering the business for the first time. Tutorials and instructional videos, along with e-books and comprehensive reading material will give any beginner a good intro to the exciting world of trading with binary options. Clients can be sure that the investments are safe, and enjoy in the trading process, and, hopefully, with the help of trading signals, they hit that jackpot and make the money they’ve been chasing through their whole life.
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Does Binary Option Robot System Really Work?

Binary options exchanging is getting to be prominent in light of the fact that the exchanges are straightforward and place. It is likewise the sort of exchanging that gives the individuals who do it a lot of options and adaptabilities in their exchanging as well. It permits speculators to benefit notwithstanding when the business sector cost of their picked resource goes down; no other sort of budgetary business sector exchanging can assert that. Most agents offer a speculator a wide assortment of advantages for exchange on and an expansive assortment of binary options to exchange them with. What is another incredible aspect concerning binary options exchanging; it is likewise the kind of exchanging that additionally permits a financial specialist to utilize computerized exchanging projects.24option_demo_trading_account

There are no charges to utilize the essential release of the Binary Option Robot. Each of the a brokers needs to do is three straightforward strides keeping in mind the end goal to appreciate every one of the advantages that the system brings to the table. In the first place, they need to enlist on the Binary Options Robot site. Next they have to agree to a record with a good binary options merchant. In conclusion, they have to make a store and afterward release the binary options to work making winning exchanges. It will likewise comfort any financial specialist to realize that the binary options handles that are good with the Binary Option Robot are among the most reasonable and trustworthy merchants there is on the web today.

All it takes for the project to begin consequently exchanging all alone is a couple of straightforward steps. The speculator will include into the system the fundamental way that they need the robot to place exchanges and the measure of a danger they are willing to tackle exchanges; after that the Binary Option Robot will do all the lay all alone. It will be making winning exchanges while the financial specialist does alternate things that are critical in their occupied lives.


There are some different things that a client can control likewise, for example, including a stop misfortune consider along with the exchanging, setting an every day limit for exchanges paying little respect to the quantity of winning or losing exchanges and there is even a helpful ‘opposite exchanging’ setting if the data parameters appear not to be taking a shot at a specific day and a merchant needs to attempt their fortunes another way.

It is a system that will help both novice and veteran brokers alike. All it takes to utilize the Binary Option Robot is a fundamental learning of how binary options exchanging functions. It is an exchanging instrument that is outlined to be helpful as well as to get a broker putting winning exchanges much speedier than their present exchanging capacity would typically permit them to do.

This completely programmed exchanging project will offer speculators some assistance with making cash when they are out on the course playing a round of golf, at the motion pictures with their children or even while they are sleeping resting. It is truly that advantageous to utilize.

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Types of Binary Options

Binary options are viewed as a standout amongst essential speculations, in light of the fact that the payout is altered from the begin and brokers know about precisely the amount they may benefit or lose. That is the reason that binary options are likewise now and again alluded to as settled return options (FROs), due to the foreordained and set payout. While picking a binary option,  all the merchant does is choose whether they feel the business sector will take the cost of the advantage up or down. Also if you want you can see more about Cash Back Binary Options.

  • In binary options, the danger is restricted, however, there is an extensive potential for benefit, and this is the reason this sort of venture is so well known.
  • There are two potential outcomes for binary options; the call and the put.
  • The call choice permits merchants to purchase an agreement at a foreordained and altered sum.
  • The put alternative permits brokers to offer an agreement at a foreordained and settled sum.
  • After that, there are a few sorts of binary options which reflect distinctive conditions set by the broker and purchaser.

The One Touch Option

GOptions-trading-platform-one-touch-300x239The One Touch is the point at which the merchant sets that if the cost of the advantage included, (for example, a money or item) exchanges at a sure sum, then the dealer will get a set payout. For this situation, the dealer knows about every single potential benefit or misfortunes.

The No-Touch Option

In a No Touch alternative, the merchant will make a benefit just if the cost of the advantage does not achieve the decided trigger (or exchanging cost) before the choice lapses. The vital thing to recall with a No Touch alternative is that payout rates can be littler if the trigger is far from the spot rate.

The Binary One Touch Option

BinaryGlobe-Binary-optionsIn this sort of binary option, the dealer will set two triggers and will make a foreordained benefit if both of these triggers is met. This is typically a decent choice when there is a great deal of unpredictability available, with a ton of high points and low points.

The Binary No-Touch Option

This is the inverse of the Double One Touch, where dealers benefit if neither of the triggers is coordinated. This is ideal when the business sector is generally steady, with few high points and low points. It is likewise prominent when there is a ton of combination in the business sector. Effective options merchants use distinctive procedures relying upon the business sector, and will regularly blend and match, utilizing a few alternative sorts to minimize the hazard.

Grouping Binary Options

Binary options have been grouped by prize included. They fall into two classifications; “money or nothing” or “resource or nothing”.

The money or nothing binary options implies that the payout is a foreordained money sum and if the exchange is unsuccessful, the dealer gets nothing.

The advantage or nothing binary options brokers means the choice pays out the estimation of the benefit included when an exchange is effective, and on the off chance that it is not, the merchant gets nothing.

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Best Binary Option Signals-CTOption (Trader Experience)

I have been doing a lot of research about different binary option signals because I had some doubts about this kind of aid in trading. After reading numerous reviews I have found them one sided, and they didn’t take feedback from other traders into their sight. And that made me even more skeptical so I decided to do my own research on binary option signal by only looking for comments on different forums, comments that are made by traders who shared their experience.


My center, or my beginning of this adventure was at the top. When I say top I mean it. I tried to find comments about best binary option signals, and CTOption is signal provider that is on that list for a long period of time.  The reason for CTOption being in the spotlight here is none other but high number of negative comments posted about this software. Others from the best binary option signals had very small number of negative comments about their performance so I decided to exclude them from this article, but what I saw about CTOption is quite concerning.

Let us skip this long intro and go to the comments. I will not claim the authenticity of these comments, but they are numerous and because of that should not be overlooked.


Fares started trading with CTOption and invested 1 000 dollars, because he was promised 30 percent free of charge bonus, but he couldn’t withdraw any money in first three months. He accepted those terms and after three months he had around  2,300 dollars on his account. Then he decided to withdraw 850 dollars to have his first investment paid off. But his withdrawal request was rejected. In fact, few of his withdrawal requests were rejected one after another. During that time he tried, and in some cases contacted people from CTOption, but his words were of no avail. After they had told him that he should deposit 3,000 more, and he will earn 3,000 per month for 5 months after which he can withdraw any amount he wants. He refused, wanting only to withdraw that initial amount and continue trading with the rest. After that he entered his account and found that 2,000 dollars were subtracted from it, and no one answered him after that.

ctoption-logoAlnusair said that he was trading well with his initial 250 dollars deposit but was contacted by one of the people of CTOption who convinced him to invest another 250 and he did so. That person used that money and placed it on one trade which went through and he had around 900 on his account. After few solo trades he decided to withdraw around 1 000 dollars but all of his withdrawals were rejected. After those rejections, person who contacted him placed all of his money on single high risk trade and lost it.

My conclusion about CTOption, from these 2 and dozens of similar ( in some cases same ) comments, is that you can trade using CTOption, but you can’t withdraw your money which is the same as losing it.
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